Em (badukk) wrote in afrikaans,

Afrikaanse spreekwoorde

Here are some Afrikaans sayings with English translations:

Elke groot Bobbejaan dink sy klein bobbejaantjie is die mooiste.
Every big baboon thinks his little baboons are the prettiest.

Die kat eers uit die boom kyk.
To first look at the cat from the tree. (Unhurriedly think twice about something. Sit tight and see how the situation is.)

As die pap reën, moet jy skep!
When it's raining porridge, get the ladle out! (One should take advantage of the opportunities)

Nie nodig om te krap waar dit nie jeuk nie.
No use in scratсhing where it doesn’t itch.

Probeer is die beste geweer.
A try is the best rifle. (There is nothing like trying.)

Borge baar sorge.
Debts carry sorrows. (Neither a borrower nor a lender be.)

Dis net die oortjies van die seekoei.
These are only the little ears of the hippo. (It's only the tip of the iceberg.)

Drome kom altyd andersom uit.
Dreams go by contraries (come out differently).

What are your favorites? Do you know any interesting ones? Please share! (A literal English translation is a plus)

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